Monday, October 9, 2017


Doves all over my computer keyboard, this is the vision I awoke to before getting out of bed this past Tuesday morning.  Monday had been a day full of sad news. First, the Las Vegas tragedy and then I hear that one of my favorite musicians, Tom Petty, had passed. So Tuesday morning, I really felt like staying in bed and hiding away from the world.  I’m sure many people were feeling the same way.  I had experienced a wonderful weekend prior to Sunday and Monday’s events and I was feeling inspired and energized.  I was giving readings at a Psychic Fair and I met many like-minded souls.  I was feeling good and inspired about being part of this group. But then, the previous mentioned events occurred and it really dampened my spirits. I was having a difficult time keeping my mindset positive.  I was angry, sad, and frustrated. Before going to sleep, I asked my Spirit Guides and Angels to send me a message to help me feel better so that I can write this blog.  Going back to my vision, I feel my Guides sent it as a message for me, but also as a message for me to share with all of you.  This is why the doves were on the computer keyboard.  My Guides often show me the computer or pen and paper when they want me to write. 

Doves have many symbolic interpretations.  One of the most common is that the dove symbolizes peace.  In Christianity, another well-known meaning is that the dove represents The Holy Spirit.  The dove is symbolic in the Jewish faith as well as other faiths.  It is not exclusive to any one religion, which is super cool because neither am I!

In addition, many people of varying faiths report seeing white doves after a loved one has past.  My cousins reported seeing one flying by a beautiful rainbow after my grandmother’s funeral.  Rainbows are often seen after a loved one passes as well.  I believe my vision included many doves because they symbolized the souls of all that had passed away during the Vegas incident.  The message is that all those souls are being taken care of on The Other side and our loved ones are still watching over us.  Doves also remind us to take time out to slow down, regroup and connect with our Angels and Spirit Guides and take part in actions that bring comfort to others.  It is really heart warming to see the flood of people exhibiting acts of kindness towards each other besides all the tragic events that have taken place. 

However, there are those that choose to use these incidents to further divide us and pit one group against another.  Although this happens, please remember to turn your focus away from gloomy thoughts and instead look for and find samples of humanity at it’s best.  To get further clarification of the message here, I asked Angels to send a message through my Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Card Deck.  The Archangel on the Justice Card is Archangel Raguel.  Archangel Raguel is the go to Archangel when we need help making decisions, and when we need help creating peace and harmony in relationships.  The message is so synchronized with my vision, it is obviously heaven sent!

The 3 cards in this spread show that we must move on from hard times and repair relationships in order to create the peace and harmony we wish for in this world.  It starts with each individual and their relationships.  What can you do to repair your relationship with your self first?  Then, what can you do repair your most important relationships.  Then from there, how can you help others do the same?  The justice card tells us to continue to stand up for what we believe in, but in a peaceful manner.  Dare to still be happy and spread peace and good will despite what happens in the world.  It is all parts of our soul’s growth and elevation.  Humans are going through an important shift to raise our souls to the next level and end the reincarnation schematic and this world of duality.  We must remain strong, like Tom Petty said in his song, I Won’t Back Down.

No, I'll stand my ground
Won't be turned around
And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I won't back down
(I won't back down)
Hey, baby, there ain't no easy way out
(I won't back down)
Hey, I will stand my ground
And I won't back down.”

From what I can see, there are plenty of examples of people doing just this.  I love how people are finding ways to help Puerto Rico when others thought it was too difficult to get through to them.  It goes to show that the old saying of “when there is a will, there is a way,” was right on the mark. 

So, do you need some help getting through a rough patch in your personal life.  A Tarot reading is one of many spiritual tools you can use to help yourself get back on track.  I would love to help out!  Schedule a reading with me by clicking on the contacts tab of this site to find my contact information.  Oh and by the way, we just had our Harvest Moon, which is the perfect time to work on yourself and do an in depth spiritual analysis. Then, shed from your life what no longer serves you and then start moving in a direction that helps you to complete your goals for this lifetime.  Again, I can help!  Send me an email and lets get a reading scheduled.  Here is a photo I took on a recent trip to Sedona that I would like to share.  It certainly helps to lift my spirits; I hope it does for you too.

Carolyn Hodge (Soul Igniter)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Full Moon Power

I apologize for being so late with my blog. But first and foremost, I want to send prayers out to all the people in the paths of the recent hurricanes.  I pray they stay safe and will have plenty of help and resources for recovery.  

I am glad that I am finally writing this blog around the full Moon time. It is a good time to connect with spirit for messages. I'm also glad we are done with Mercury retrograde. Dealing with mercury retrograde and the solar eclipse energy while in the process of moving all at one time has been a bit much!

It is still very hot in the Arizona and we have had quite a few fires in our area. The full moon actually looked orange due to the smoke in our atmosphere. As the west deals with fires, the east coast is dealing with hurricanes. All this instability can bring our emotions to the surface, especially under a full moon. So what are we to do!  Well I asked Divine entities to come through with a message for us through my Shaman Tarot Deck.  With all the tumultuous changes occurring to our planet, I felt the need to connect to this Native American Deck of cards since Native Americans are closely connected with nature in their culture. 

I immediately picked up on the number six as the number of cards to use for this spread. The number six in numerology is about creating peace and harmony in our lives. The full moon is a great time to do this.  Full moon energy used in a positive way is a time when we clear clutter out of our lives and prepare to put plans into action that will improve our lives and our souls.
The first couple of cards of the spread show that many people our feeling out of balance and in disharmony due to world conditions and personal situations.  Our focus needs to be on our strengths, not weaknesses.  We must firmly believe that we can overcome all the challenges life sends our way.  There is also a message to be our true spiritual selves and not hide under a made up facade.  No matter what weight is thrown on our shoulders we need to show that we our strong and even stronger when we unite for a common good. This particular Strength card from this deck has a full moon in the background.  Of course this is not a coincidence, because a full moon can play with our emotions so it is important to focus on turning them into positive emotions for your soul.
This spread shows that we need take a deep, honest self-inventory and analyze what is working for us and what is not working. Working to better humanity means also working on your own spiritual growth and development. Evaluate your emotions and thought processes. What thoughts occupy your mind a majority of time? Are you worrying and doubting yourself? Are you blaming others for what goes wrong? Do you spend a lot of time being angry? It is very important that you are honest with yourself, but it is also very important that you do not beat yourself up over mistakes. Please know that all of life, including adversity, is helpful for your soul’s development. Doing this self-evaluation will help you put into action steps needed to advance on your spiritual path, but also help you to leave behind actions and thoughts that no longer serves you.  This part of the reading reminds us to make decisions from the heart, not from fear, doubts, bitterness, or pessimism. It also reminds us to take good loving care of others and ourselves. Many people are already doing this by coming to the aid of victims from recent disasters. Praying for each other and helping each other in any way we can is what gets us through life’s perils.  There is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that I would like to include here that aligns perfectly with this reading.

The spread shows that we feel that our world is upside down. We feel anger and hatred at people who we feel have betrayed and cheated us, including world leaders. Although this may be true and it is okay to have these feelings, we can't let those feelings take us into a deep hole of negative emotions. We must keep ourselves in the light and ask God and divine sources for help. We need to forgive those that have hurt us and pray that they are healed from what causes them to act in these ways. Remember spreading hatred will only create more. Remember we are all connected and are all children of the divine. Some choose to disconnect from The Divine Source, but we can pray that they do decide to reconnect. I want to share a vision I had a couple of months ago. I saw the moon flashing yellow and then I could see the earth next to it, only there were two earths! This vision means to me that we are in the process of creating a new earth and all that can mean challenging times; it also means more spiritual growth and ascension for our souls. The rest of the reading is letting us know we have the power to create the world we want to live in. Own your God given power!

I like to add that I am just like anyone else. I go through my own adversities and a whole sea of emotions. My sun and moon signs are both Scorpio! Talk about intense! Despite this, I have learned to recognize when I'm getting stuck or off track and quickly shift myself in the right direction. Doing a Tarot reading for myself is often difficult because it is like doing that deep self-evaluation and facing some facts that I may have been in denial about. But in the end, I am always grateful for the message because it helps me face reality and get back on track. So, what are some ways you can start owning your power in a positive way in your individual lives? Let’s find out. Click the contacts tab to find my contact information. Also, you can find me on Facebook under Soul Igniter. Please do me a favor and like my page. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, June 30, 2017

U.S. Blues

Photo by Sheryl Brooks of Silverbrook Images

For those that may not know, U.S. Blues is the title of a Grateful Dead song.  The song title came to me as I pondered what to title this blog.  Lately I have been hearing so many doom and gloom comments about the state of our country and the title just seemed to fit. With the 4th of July coming soon, it seemed appropriate to do a reading for the United States. I asked Spirit to give our citizens a message through a Tarot Card reading. The message does fit the title, as you will see later in this blog. 

Before I start the reading, I want to draw attention to the photo on the left.  A good friend of mine took it in July, four years ago.  When the photo was taken the colored lines could not be seen with the naked eye.  I remember when I saw the photo; the first thought that came to me was that the twisted lines resembled lightening strikes and that it looked somewhat like the U.S. flag.  If you look closely, you can also see some orbs around. Some may say it was something caused by the camera, or UFOs, or holographic image. The speculation can go on and on and I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I truly believe there was a message for us from Angelic beings. I also believe that four years later, the photo came to mind because I am meant to write about it and put it in this blog. 

For this reading I used Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Card Deck. For this reading and all readings I do, I always ask that Archangels be present to ensure I only receive messages from benevolent beings.  As I shuffled the deck, I asked for a number of cards for this spread. I always feel like that number is a significant part of the reading.  The number was 7. Seven is a very spiritual number and there are many sayings that come from that belief, such as 7th Heaven and lucky seven. It also is a reminder that in order to reach our full spiritual growth potential, we must strive through all the struggles and never give up.  It is time to take a stand and master your soul’s evolution.  Now, lets go on to the actual Tarot reading. 

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Card Deck
The reading’s message is very similar to the reading I did in my last blog for the world and the second half of the year 2017.  The reading starts with cards showing the current state and then cards showing advice from Spirit.  As for the current state of the U.S., it is showing that many of our young adults our struggling with balancing their emotions and far too much turn to drugs. There are also many families facing financial hardships due to work troubles, legal troubles, etc.  This has brought about many depressed people, hence the title, U.S. Blues.  People feel helpless because they believe the negativity being fed to them from people and all types of media.  But to all those people struggling, please seek help. The cards also show that there are plenty of light soul beings and organizations willing to help. The main advice given in this reading is to not forget to count your blessings. Instead of focusing on what is lacking in your life, be grateful for what is going well.  Those that do have money and resources to help those in need, please do!  If you do not have money to help others, then reach out by being someone they can talk to.  Do your best to bring a sparkle of light and hope into their life.  The deeper one falls into a depression the less likely that they pray. Please pray for these individuals and ask Angels to surround them with the right people to help them.  If you are depressed please do not give up on prayer, but pray with a positive intention and visualization of the outcome you want and then do no forget to express gratitude. It actually helps to express gratitude in advance! The spread has The Moon card. The Moon card encourages us to be in touch with our higher power, trust our intuition and redirect our mind when it is filled with doubts, worries and fear. In this deck, Archangel Haniel is on this card and she can help us with all of this. Call on her for help.  You won't know if it works until you try!  The spread revealed that many are having issues with their mental and physical health due to untreated stress and anxiety.  Take care of yourselves! Trust your intuition when seeking professional help from doctors, counselors, therapists, and Tarot readers! You will know who is right for you.

So what message does Spirit have for you?  If your intuition tells you I would be the right person to have a reading with, then give me a call!  Click the contacts page of this site to find my contact information and schedule a reading. I offer regular Tarot readings as well as readings that combine Tarot, Astrology and Destiny cards for an overall look at some major aspects of your astrological chart and how it affects trends in your life today. I would really enjoy meeting more of the people that read my blog. I look forward to our reading! Also, if you haven’t done so already, please “like” my Facebook page and share it with like minds. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful 4th of July!  Enjoy your family and friends and make it a happy celebration. Remember to focus on positive outcomes for yourselves, our citizens and our country!

Carolyn Hodge (Soul Igniter)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Star Power

Hello Ignited Souls!

Being half way through this year has been on my mind and I felt it was time to get a message from Spirit, for our world, about the second half of 2017.  Add the digits of 2017 and the answer is the number 10.  10 can also be the number 1 when you add the 1 and the 0.  In numerology the number ten is about the end of a cycle and making plans for a new cycle.  The new cycle is represented by the number one.  It is also about clearing away old habits and negative patterns in your life that no longer serve you. We are going through tough times and unfortunately too many people give up and become self destructive. Many get stuck in a cycle and have trouble getting to the next cycle of their life.  Above is a photo I took that I feel represents a perspective we can take to help ourselves out of dark times in our lives.  Everything we go through serves a purpose in our soul's journey and we become stronger every time we get through these stages.  I barely started to shuffle my deck for this reading and the ten of wands popped up face up, upright, and landed perfectly on my table!  When a card pops out it has a significant meaning and it is not a coincidence!  So I was writing about 2017 and the number ten and then the 10 of wands pops out!  Spirit wants us to really pay attention to this card!

This card is telling us to push through to the finish line and not give up.  Believe that you have what it takes to move on to the next cycle of your soul's journey.  If you are having trouble and feel overwhelmed or burdened, get help!  Do not try to do it all alone.  Ask your spirit Guides and Angels to surround you with people that will help you.  Remember, you are in charge of your life and you do have the power to create what happens.  Remember, what you fill your mind with is what you attract.  Monitor yourself, do you keep thinking about how horrible things are or how much you hate this or that?  If that is the case, be alert, and redirect your thoughts to positive outcomes.  The spread I did for this reading tells us how we are trending and what advice Spirit has for us.  The spread shows in the past and presently money has been a concern.  The advice is to get over it!  Again, stop filling your mind with worry and hatred of money.  Money is not the root of all evil, what people do with money can create evil, but also, when that is what fills people's minds, then that is what we create!  Instead of doom and gloom, picture everything working out after all.  Even when you believe our past and present leaders have been and are corrupt, that may be true, but when that fills our thoughts, the worries and fears only feeds the creation of more of the same.    The spread shows that through our thoughts, words, and actions we can better humanity and create wealth and happiness for all.  When I say this, I know some of you are already rolling your eyes and doubting,  Please look at the cycles of our worlds and humanity.  We have had many elevated souls come to our planet, like Jesus and Buddha to show us the way.  We needs to believe and trust in their message.  When people work together in harmony, they can create beautiful times. When we mistrust, fear, and doubt each other we create disharmony, anger, and violence.  The spread shows we need to believe in our power to create goodness in the world.  It also shows that we need to have faith in our youth and what they can bring to this world.  Instead of pointing out faults of millennials, point out their positive traits and encourage them to believe in their God given power to create a wonderful world for our future.  It is the job of the elder generation and of true Lightworkers to spark this younger generation's spirituality and awaken them to their soul's journey.  The last part of the spread shows "the answer" as the The Star card. The Star card is a "wish" card and positive karma coming our way. When we shine with our true selves, miracles can happen and wishes come true.  
As I laid this card out the song, Be Yourself, by Chris Cornell, entered my mind.  Chris Cornell recently passed and I was truly saddened by his passing.  I am a fan of his music and wish he could have stayed with us longer.  He will be missed by many fans.  I'm sure he would not want us to be too despaired by his passing, I believe he would want us to be inspired by his work and remember him for all his talent and achievements.  I know that my guides put songs in my mind as a way of communication, and I feel this song's main message goes with The Star card perfectly.  So, thank you spirit guides, thank you Chris Cornell.  In this song, the main message and line repeated throughout the song is "To be yourself is all that you can do." 
Chris Cornell

Take a look at your life, are you being yourself in all aspects (home, job, spiritually)?  Are you trying to be who others think you should be?  Do you compromise your ambitions because of worry, doubts and fear?  One of the main reasons for coming into this earth life that we all share is the challenge to be ourselves, to be true to our soul's journey despite all the obstacles that may come our way.  The Star card offers good karma coming our way when we acknowledge that we are God's children, we are part of God, and therefore we have the power to create, shine with star power and be our true selves.  

Now, how abut a reading for you?  Take the time to get advice from Spirit about your own personal jouney through a reading.  I am leaving for a vacation to see friends and family in Texas and will be unavailable for about two weeks, but I can still schedule for the second half of June.  Please click the contacts tab on this site for my contact information and let's schedule your appointment!  Love and Light to Everyone.  I wish you a happy, blessed summer.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mother's Day and Mother Nature

Hello Ignited Souls!

Mother’s Day will soon be here and I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, mother’s to be, and all the mothers watching over us on the Other Side. 

I've been contemplating the approaching Mother's Day and how I would address the topic in this blog. Feeling need to get some type of exercise today and release some pent up energy, I put in a yoga DVD, but I could not get my player to work correctly, not a surprise, Mercury is retrograde! I then decided I needed to go for a walk. I had been avoiding the outdoors because I could see that it was windy and I didn't want allergies to kick in, plus the geo-engineered clouds (chemtrails) were starting to from.  Then I realized, where is my focus? I was focusing on what could go wrong instead of believing that I could get my walk in without having allergy flare ups.  I asked my Angels to shield my body from toxins and to help my body not react to allergens.  I also asked my Angels and guides to send me divine messages while I was having my neighborhood nature walk to help me with this blog.  As always the Angels responded and I got through this walk without sneezing or watery eyes!
They responded with nature to my request about this blog. As I was walking I could feel the wind blowing on my face, it felt awesome. The birds started chirping as I approached every tree.  They chirped even louder as I would stop to gaze at them.  They seemed to acknowledge my presence and were happy that I was acknowledging theirs.  My mood shifted to a much happier state. Next, I noticed a bunny on the sidewalk, a few feet directly in front of me.  I hoped he wouldn't scurry away before I could take a picture and in my mind I asked permission.  I was able to take two photos. I truly felt we were communicating telepathically and he knew I meant no harm. 

Lastly I came upon a cholla cactus in my neighborhood. I recalled that around the same time last year I had found a nest right in the middle of this cactus full of spikes. I took a photo for my blog last year and I remember writing that the mother bird probably purposely built her nest there to protect her eggs. Humans could not get to it without getting poked.  Wondering if the nest was still there, I moved in a little closer and there she was, the mother bird sitting in her nest.  She flew out and I could see the baby birds poking their heads out.  Again, I felt like there was communication between the mother and myself; She felt comfortable flying off because she knew I wouldn't harm her babies.  This completed my walk and I went back home, but once inside, I couldn't stop thinking that I was not able to get a photo. I tried, but the sun was shining brightly and it made it difficult to see and get a good photo.  I felt a definite nudging to go back and try again and sure enough when I arrived at the cactus the mother bird was back. As with the rabbit, in my mind, I asked to take a picture and she sat in her nest perfectly still while I took the photo.  

What is the message here?  Well, the first one is to get in touch with nature and do not forget Mother Earth.  Do everything you can to take care of our planet in thoughts words and actions.  Be the best Mother you can.  Nurture, care for and teach your children to be loving human beings connected to their God source. Communicate with all of nature. We are all connected and nature will respond to when you attempt to communicate, remember to "be mindful!"  Rabbits as I mentioned in my last blog represent fertility and creation. Even though Mercury is currently retrograde it is a great time to plan soul-aligning activities. Today is also the new moon, which is also a time to put together new plans and set intentions for the highest good and which aligns with your soul's purpose.  One well-known tradition for a new moon spiritual activity is to write your wishes, intentions, or goals on paper, then burn them and offer your intentions and prayers up to God.   Doing a symbolic act can make it more meaningful and will help you to remember, but it is not necessary. 

Carolyn Hodge (Soul Igniter)
Tarot readings are another way of connecting with spirit and receiving messages. When your intent is pure and we pray to receive divine messages for our highest good, a reading will help set you back in alignment. What a great gift could you give yourself or another Mom for Mother's Day, a message from Spirit through the cards! My Mother's Day Special is thirty minutes for $25. Now, that is a bargain!  Contact me soon to set up your reading.  Email me at or text me at 6235214132 to set up a reading.